A Note from our Pastor, Bill Russell



Did you pick up a Lenten devotional book Sunday?  Are you going to give up anything for Lent?  Are you going to do a little more for others during Lent?  Are you going to pray a little more during Lent?   Are you going to make an intentional, concerted effort to grow closer to God and His son, our Savior, during Lent?  Are you going to be honest with yourself and take an inventory of what God sees when He looks at you?  Pastor Ryan from Kingsway is using one of my favorite scriptures Ash Wednesday night, Psalm 51.  David, in this Psalm, is keenly aware of his own wrongdoing. He begs God’s forgiveness.  His words in this Psalm should be on our lips each day leading up to Easter: “Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me”. God did just that with His servant David. God will do just that with us.  Will you say those words with me each day during Lent?  Will you draw closer to God?  He’s waiting.

Pastor Bill

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