Dinner in Honor of Rev. Dr. Christal Williams

On September 21st Central Christian Church had the honor of hosting the new Regional Minister for Ten- nessee, Rev. Dr. Christal Williams. About 60 people attended from our Church and other local Disciples Churches including Kingsway, Faith, Lindenwood, Collierville and Decatur Trinity. We also were pleased to be joined by guests from other denominations. Dinner was hosted by our DWM and served by members of our Church. After the meal Dr. Williams gave a presentation regarding her vision of the future of the Disciples Church in Tennessee, and her role in creating that future. Everyone who attended felt excited and inspired by what she had to say.

A collection was taken for the benefit of the Regional Ministry and, together with a donation from the DWM, this totaled $600. The installation of Rev. Dr. Christal Williams will be celebrated on November 19 & 20. Details will be provided by the Regional Office.

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