What the Dickens!

Appearing live at the Theatre Memphis this Christmas Season, not one, not two, but three of our congregation in leading roles.
Mark Rutledge is cast in the role of Scrooge in the matinee performances while our music director, Amy Lindeman takes on the part of the ghost of Christmas present, her son, Russell is Tiny Tim and her son Henry is also a part of the cast.

Scrooge as we all know, is a miserly old skinflint and his name is synonymous with meanness and a lack of Christmas spirit. But is that the legacy that Charles Dickens meant us to remember Scrooge by? I think not.

Let me quote from an offertory homily Mark presented two years ago: “However, very few people remember that Ebenezer Scrooge was in the be- ginning of Mr. Dickens’ tale a mi- ser. But, by the end of the story Ebenezer had found redemption – he became a changed man and “kept Christmas in his heart throughout the years”. Though the author doesn’t speak of it directly, Scrooge’s heart became “Christ-like”, he began to give of himself. Isn’t that the message of the season? That Christ came to give Himself to the world, that through Him, all may be saved? So, as the Advent season begins, let us remember the “reason for the season”, and that, just maybe, being called a “Scrooge” is not a bad thing after all”

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