In Person Worship At Last!

It’s official: Central Christian Church will be opening its doors once again for in-person worship. After one year of staying at home and viewing worship services on-line, church members, friends, and visitors will once again greet and say hello to one another.

However, as the old saying goes: “We’re not out of the woods yet!” Because of the COVID-19 virus, everyone still has to take precautions. This includes wearing a mask to church and doing one’s best at social distancing. Hand sanitizer is a must, so there will be plenty of opportunity to use it as you enter and leave the church.

To meet the challenge of in-person worship, everyone is asked to follow the following guidelines to keep everyone safe as possible:

  1. Wear a mask – one will be provided if you need one;
  2. Please sit where “X marks the spot” (See photo below);
  3. Select your communion elements before you enter the Sanctuary (See photo below);
  4. Place all tithes and offerings in the brass plate as you enter or leave the Sanctuary.

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