In Person Worship At Last!

It’s official: Central Christian Church will be opening its doors once again for in-person worship. After one year of staying at home and viewing worship services on-line, church members, friends, and visitors will once again greet and say hello to one another.

However, as the old saying goes: “We’re not out of the woods yet!” Because of the COVID-19 virus, everyone still has to take precautions. This includes wearing a mask to church and doing one’s best at social distancing. Hand sanitizer is a must, so there will be plenty of opportunity to use it as you enter and leave the church.

To meet the challenge of in-person worship, everyone is asked to follow the following guidelines to keep everyone safe as possible:

1. Wear a mask – one will be provided if you need one;
2. Please sit where “X marks the spot” (See photos on the right);
3. Select your communion elements before you enter the Sanctuary (See photos on the right);
4. Place all tithes and offerings in the brass plate as you enter or leave the Sanctuary.

Worship Service: 9:00AM | Adult Bible Study: 10:30AM | 531 S McLean at Peabody, Memphis [ map ]
Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 11.46.48 AM

Church Door Ministry

Every day people in dire need come to our Church door seeking help. John Rainey, our Janitor, who was once homeless himself, and therefore, knows their needs better than anyone, makes up bags of snacks, water, fruit juice and personal essentials to hand out. Through the generosity of the DWM, the African Violets Society, and […]

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Cereal contribution GSL 2016


The staff at the Grace St. Luke’s Food Pantry was truly amazed and over joyed for the abundant donation of cereal give to them by Central Christian Church and Central’s extended church family. John Rainey and Mark Rutledge delivered a truck load of the cereal Tuesday afternoon March 29th – the same day that the […]

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