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Guess Who!

With all of our church members and devoted friends of Central Christian Church sheltering in place, you might wonder what they look like with a mask on. Some of our friends will be easy to recognize – but, there might be one or two that will throw you a curve! The answers as to who-is-who will appear in the September issue of the Banner. Good luck!

A special thanks to everyone who was able to participate. If your picture didn’t make the August Banner, please email the church a close up picture with your mask on and we will display it in the September Banner.

Worship Service: 9:00AM | Adult Bible Study: 10:30AM | 531 S McLean at Peabody, Memphis [ map ]

COVID-19 Update

During the current COVID-19 crisis our Church is, unfortunately, closed but each Sunday we put out a video Service and on Wednesdays we Video a Bible Study. Both of these are on YouTube and you can access them through our Facebook page or by clicking on the Sermons button in the heading.

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Church Door Ministry

Every day people in dire need come to our Church door seeking help. John Rainey, our Janitor, who was once homeless himself, and therefore, knows their needs better than anyone, makes up bags of snacks, water, fruit juice and personal essentials to hand out. Through the generosity of the DWM, the African Violets Society, and […]

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